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Do you need a professional carpet cleaning service in Simpsonville, SC? If such is the case, the carpet cleaner that can provide it for you is Carpet Wizard. Our company has 30 years of experience in the business and can clean any carpet to perfection. We are able to restore your precious carpets to mint condition, while you dedicate your time and efforts to things that you are more competent in. We will do the job expeditiously and proficiently.

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There are many benefits to having carpets in your home or business. They preserve the warmth of the premises. Carpets also reduce the likelihood of falling. They serve as sound insulation. In addition, carpets and rugs make a room cozier and more beautiful. However carpets can accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, debris, crumbs, moisture, oils, and odors in their fibers.

What can be done? Regular vacuuming is necessary, but it is not sufficient to keep your carpets perfectly clean. It is strongly recommended that you use a professional carpet cleaning service at least twice a year. Allow Carpet Wizard, in Simpsonville, SC, to do that for you. When you choose us as your carpet cleaner, you will see what difference we can make to the way your carpeted surfaces look, smell and feel.

Carpet cleanerWhen you are not a professional, carpet cleaning takes an awful lot of time and effort, and, in the end, a positive outcome is not guaranteed. To properly clean a carpet or rug, one has to have special equipment and cleaning products, as well as the knowledge how to use them. As true experts, we work with powerful Bane-Clene truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment and the most effective products, to ensure that your carpets will be spotlessly clean in no time at all.

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Satisfied with service

I just hired Carpet Wizard to clean my carpets today. I am very satisfied in the service. Frank is great! Highly recommended.

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Other types of cleaning service that we offer are:

Upholstery Cleaning Service

Upholstery cleaningCarpet Wizard can also provide you with a high quality upholstery cleaning service. If your Simpsonville, SC furniture has lost its former glory, it is time to call us. We can eliminate the stains and smudges from your upholstery fabric, fast and without any hassle. Our company uses the most advanced cleaning methods to maintain your furniture in excellent condition

Your upholstery has many enemies – wear and tear, children who spill food and drinks on it, the natural oils produced by your body, dust, and so on. After years of use, it does not look so good anymore. However you don’t have to buy a new sofa when there is an easy solution to the problem. Our company can return the former glory to any piece of furniture.

Rug Cleaner

Rugs are a joy to behold, because they can add so much beauty and personality to any room. With their multicolored patterns, they can make your interior much brighter. If you want your rugs to be always in good condition, use the services of a seasoned rug cleaner like us. Our company understands that rug cleaning is a delicate job, which is why we don’t approach it the way we would any other cleaning job. We realize that your rug is an important part of your interior, so we use the most appropriate methods for cleaning it, without damaging it.

Let us show you what miracles we can do with your carpets, rugs and upholstery, call us today at (864) 962-5075. We are certain that you will remain pleased with our highly professional cleaning service and affordable prices.